Hunter turned 21 on February 21st! It’s so hard to believe that Hunter is only 21! I have to remind myself of how old he is sometimes, because he acts older than he is. I guess that’s why I was so shocked when I first found out how old he actually was not long after […]

              If there is one thing that is crucial for a wedding day and for the photographer, it’s the wedding day timeline! The wedding timeline is a detailed list of everything that is happening on the wedding day, what needs to be photographed and when, and where everyone is supposed to be at a certain time. […]

Our First Married Valentine’s Day               This was definitely a Valentine’s day to remember…not only because it was our first as a married couple, but that Hunter surprised me with a trip to Pensacola Beach! I started becoming very skeptical when on Sunday morning as we were getting ready for church, Hunter started asking […]

Our Proposal Story                January 31, 2015. One year ago today Hunter asked the question that would change my life forever. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since Hunter and I were engaged! It’s been a year of busy-ness, planning for a wedding, planning for the future and a year full of changes.      […]

               Location is something that can make or break a photograph. And this goes for anyone taking pictures, professional or not. Since I began photographing, I have learned a lot about choosing locations for portraits. Mostly through trial and error. At the beginning, I really couldn’t tell a good location from a bad one. I […]